Canelilla El Chorro

Knowing our bakery

Canelilla el chorro

Tradition and quality

Discover the report that they recorded for us on Canal Extremadura where we opened the doors of our bakery.

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Since 1950

This bakery was created in Villarta de los Montes.

Founded by my grandmother Julia in 1950.

They decided to start a business to make traditional bread and sweets, thanks to them today I can tell my story.

Over the years, it has been maintained thanks to my mother Julia who is the one who has transmitted me all the know-how so that, today, I can run it.

I continue to maintain the tradition with the same enthusiasm, contributing my grain of “flour” adding new improvements and new sweets.

Seeking to innovate and make products exported all over the world, bringing the usual flavor with a touch of modernism.

Canelilla el Chorro, which is the name of the bakery, takes its name from the place where my business “el chorro” was born and of course, for my best product “la canelilla”, typical sweet from Extremadura that my grandmother already made with so much affection.

I continue with the tradition, using the best natural products to maintain its quality over the years this product made with honey from “La Siberia Extremeña”, does not cease to surprise everyone who tries it, as well as with the crackling cake another traditional sweet that I continue to make as in the past.

Proof of this are the comments that my longest-living clients tell me excitedly that the taste transports them to their childhood since we maintain the essence of a lifetime.

I just wish that the adventure that my grandparents undertook more than 70 years ago, endures in time without that tradition being lost and that the flavors of those sweets are taken to all corners working with the dedication, affection and respect that they taught me.