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Made with the best honeys from Siberia Extremeña and with masses with a tradition of more than 100 years, studying the product both texture and flavor, getting a softer sweet than usual and incomparable flavor.

Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, honey from Siberia Extremeña, EGG, sunflower oil, orange, cinnamon, anise and salt.

Nutritional facts per 100 g

Torta de Chicharrón

Totally artisan elaboration, as my grandparents did. The one who tries repeats because they are delicious.
Important for diabetics, there is no sugar option.

Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, water, sugar, crackling, yeast and salt.


Our mantecados are pure tradition. To do this, we make our own butter, a luxury for the palate.

Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, lard, sugar, white wine, cinnamon, anise and salt.

Galleta Rizada

Typical curly biscuit with the taste of a lifetime. Our curly cookies have a very rich vanilla flavor with the novel semi-baked texture.

Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, lard, sugar, EGG, LACTOSE-FREE MILK, vanilla, lemon and impeller.

Nutritional facts per 100 g


For lovers of lemon. Sweet that when you eat it you think it's delicious. Lemon flavor.

Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, lard, MILK, sugar, lemon, impeller and salt.


Traditional Sweet. A typical sweet from Extremadura with the particular touch of Canelilla el Chorro.

Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, lard, sugar, EGG and salt.

Rosco de Reyes

After years of testing we have achieved a delicious Rosco de Reyes flavored with cream, truffle and cream. This sweet always surprises those who try them.

Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, sugar, water, EGG, rum, milk, yeast, orange blossom water, orange, lemon and salt.


A great discovery.New flavor made with our butters.

Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, EGG, shortening, sugar and lemon.

Bollo rico

Also known as sleeping bun, my grandmother managed to make a very careful rich bun until she got what she was looking for, an incomparable bun, in this case everything has been left the same without changing an iota.

Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, sunflower oil, sugar, cinnamon, anise, yeast and salt.

Rosco bizcocho

The taste of your home. The most homemade and traditional flavor brought to a rosco

Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, sunflower oil, EGG, sugar, lemon and salt.

Artisan elaboration with quality ingredients

At Canelilla el Chorro we make all our products in an artisan and traditional way, following the recipes of our grandparents and keeping tradition alive.

We use the highest quality ingredients in our elaborations, such as honey from Siberia Extremeña, the highest quality honey on the market.

The combination of our traditional way of doing things together with the quality of our ingredients, make all our customers love our products.

Canelilla El Chorro, who tries, repeats, for sure.

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